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Valuing websites


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Valuing websites is a service Intangible Business offers for a variety of purposes, such as valuing a website for tax management, valuing a website for due diligence, valuing a website for a dispute or for general business management. Valuing websites is similar to valuing businesses and other assets. The value of a website is determined using a combination of three website valuation methodologies.


All three website valuation methodologies are all generally considered, with the most relevant one for the circumstances used as the leading indicator of value. Calculating how much a website is worth requires specialist skills and an appreciation of what generates website value, such as volume of website traffic, conversion rates, domain name rarity, website ranking and knowledge of the market in which the website operates.

Intangible Business specialises in valuing websites and other intangible assets both large and small. Intangible Business’s website valuations have been approved by audit firms and regulatory bodies including HMRC and the SEC.

If you have any questions, or would like us to value a website or internet business for you, please call us or send us an email.