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IP expert witness


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Intangible Business has a number of experienced intellectual property expert witnesses. They provide IP expert witness support on business and intangible asset issues and have experience in many different forums and tribunals for dispute resolution. Intangible Business's independence means it can be relied upon to deliver impartial, clear, succinct and unambiguous reporting when acting as an intellectual property expert witness. This results in objective opinions based on thoroughly researched facts. Intangible Business' intellectual property expert witnesses are experienced in writing detailed professional reports suitable for courts of law as well going on the stand as expert witnesses to present expert evidence in person.

Intangible Business's IP expert witnesses assist in dispute resolution with respect to both liability and quantum.

Having expert witness valuers who have a broad range of experience and access to specialist knowledge, which brings knowledge and insight, helps resolve disputes. A core competency of Intangible Business's IP expert witness valuers is researching and analysing information used commercially in practice for managing valuable IP and applying this expertise to assist dispute resolution. Whether for example commissioning qualitative or quantitative market research, interpreting existing research or other business data, Intangible Business's IP expert witnesses can be relied upon to interpret the relavant information and present clear assumptions and conclusions.

Intangible Business's IP expert witnesses are members of The Academy of Experts, The Expert Witness Institute, The Society of Expert Witnesses and have supplied expert evidence for international arbitrations and courts or other forums for dispute resolution all over the world, including Australia, the UK, Jersy, Guernsey, The Cayman Islands, Eastern Europe, France, and the US.

If you have any questions, or would like to speak to an expert witness specialising in IP, please call us on or send Thayne Forbes an email.