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Valuing IP


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Intellectual property valuation includes brand valuation, patent valuation, copyright valuation, share valuation, contract valuation and customer valuation - intellectual property valuation is the umbrella term for all forms of intellectual property valuation or intangible asset valuation.

The approach to valuing intellectual property depends on the specific circumstances and type of intellectual property to be valued. Intangible Business provides a bespoke intellectual property valuation approach for each case, using the most appropriate IP valuation methodology for the situation. There are generally three main approaches to valuing intellectual property: income IP valuation, market IP valuation and cost IP valuation.

Intellectual property valuation using the income IP valuation approach analyses the amount of future revenue attributable to the IP and discounting this to a net present value. The market IP valuation method considers transactions in comparable forms of IP, licensing arrangements and royalty rates. The cost IP valuation approach considers the historic cost of building the IP and the cost of recreating the intellectual property. Intangible Business generally uses the income approach with market and cost approaches acting as benchmarks and as sense checks.

Intellectual property valuations are also carried out over a period of time to track and manage the value of the intellectual property. Intangible Business is a leader in IP valuation, valuing intellectual property for a number of purposes including: licensing, dispute resolution, accounting and business management.

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