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Licensing or franchising programmes


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Brand licensing or franchising generates new revenue streams and other commercial benefits for brands, sometimes with relatively little additional cost. It is generally important, however, to manage this so that licensing or franchising strengthens brand value. Intangible Business researches all the possible strategies and opportunities for brand licensing or franchising, giving in-depth analyses so that informed decisions can be made over which markets to penetrate, which sector to enter and which players to build relationships with.

The opportunities are based on value, which options would give the highest returns and add most value to the business. Once brand licensing or franchising opportunities have been prioritised, Intangible Business assists with approaches, negotiations and concluding licence or franchise agreements. Subsequent monitoring of the performance of the licensing or franchising arrangements, and the contribution each makes to the value of the brand overall, is important to ensuring the brand and business benefits from licensing or franchising in the long-term. Short term success can be damaging to a brand's value and a long term approach is what Intangible Business generally recommends.

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