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IP Review

IP Review is a monthly round-up of what's going on in the world of IP, reporting on news regarding trademarks, patents, copyright, design rights and other forms of intellectual property from publications the world over. For more information on Intangible Business' expert witness, IP and business valuation services, contact us.

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Publication: Evening Standard

Nando's is embroiled in a trademark row with the owner of an independent chicken shop called Fernando's who claims his restaurant is named after the Take Me Out dating show's holiday island.

Publication: Digital Music Trends

US-based internet service provider Grande Communications has a serious legal battle looming ahead. A Texas-based broadband communications company, Grande Communications offers internet, TV and phone services for residential and business customers.

Publication: Digital Trends

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has made a new round of patents available to the public, one of which shows that Apple is still working on a future iPhone that could do away with the notch.

Publication: Info Justice

EIFL is participating in Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week, an annual celebration designed to highlight the opportunities presented by fair use and fair dealing, celebrate success stories, and explain these doctrines. In 2018, Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week runs from 26 February – 2 March. Over 45 countries around the world have a fair use or fair dealing provision in their copyright law.

Publication: Slash Gear

There is no shortage of patents for foldable device, be it a phone that transforms into a tablet (or vice versa) or a phone that unfolds into an even longer phone. It has a patent that takes a foldable tablet that can slot into a keyboard dock, basically like a Surface Book but using a foldable “Clipboard” instead.

Publication: L.A Times

Guillermo del Toro and others associated with the Oscar contender "The Shape of Water" are facing a copyright infringement lawsuit brought by the estate of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Paul Zindel.

Publication: IP Watchdog

There has been a steady decline in number of contingency litigation law firms, attorneys, and even cases filed, which continues to greatly impact the intellectual property industry.

Publication: BBC News

Disney has lost a bid to stop movie rental company Redbox from reselling download codes for its films. Redbox bought Disney movies on DVD to offer for rental in its kiosks. The DVDs were often bundled with a code to download a copy of the film.

Publication: Digital Trends

 The company has filed for a series of five new patents this week alone, making for some very interesting speculation about the future of some of its biggest and most important products. The patents could relate to Apple’s future endeavors in augmented reality, as well as its attempts to keep the iPhone’s camera relevant in the face of increased competition from the likes of Google.

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

A US court has dismissed a lawsuit brought by Playboy Entertainment Group with leave to amend, as the facts produced failed to support the company’s copyright infringement allegation.

Publication: BBC News

Judge Michael W Fitzgerald made the comments while dismissing a copyright case against Taylor Swift. Songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler sued the star last year, arguing her single Shake It Off stole from their composition, Playas Gon' Play.

Publication: IP Watchdog

Grammy Award winning funk, soul band The Commodores—whose hit singles include Easy and Brick House—recently won a trademark infringement lawsuit against its ex-bandmate and founding member Thomas McClary, who left the band in 1984. The right to use The Commodoresname and trademarks belongs to a company run by founding members William King and Walter Orange, a Florida appellate court has ruled.

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

Mr Justice Arnold of the English High Court referred a series of questions to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) last week, in a dispute involving media company Sky and a cloud management provider.

Publication: Accounting Today

A training software provider has gone public with a copyright infringement lawsuit against Top 100 Firm Dixon Hughes Goodman and the Institute of Internal Auditors after a DHG employee published excerpts from some of its training materials on the firm’s website and it was later used by an IIA chapter as well.

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

L’Oréal had accused RN Ventures of infringing its patent and registered Community designs through the sale of a range of Magnitone electronic facial skin care devices, which use an oscillating circular head with rings of bristles arranged in concentric circles to deep-cleanse pores.

Publication: Telegraph

Amazon, Google and Apple are all in the running to become the first ever company to be valued at one trillion dollars, with analysts believing we could see history being made as early as this year.

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

Colgate-Palmolive is attempting to stop a Michigan-based business from selling toothbrushes featuring the mark ‘Smile 360’. Colgate filed a trademark infringement complaint against Ranir, a seller of oral healthcare products, at the US District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Publication: Business Insider

A federal copyright board has raised the music streaming royalties for songwriters and music publishers by more than 40 percent to narrow the financial divide separating them from recording labels.

Publication: The Verge

An LG patent filed to the World Intellectual Property Organization shows a potential folding hybrid tablet and phone device, as spotted by GSMinfo. The patent describes the device as a mobile phone with a flexible display which can be folded in half.

Publication: City A.M.

An unsavoury dispute over trademarks has broken out after Marsh laid claim to the word, which was the name chosen by a couple of entrepreneurs for their London startup which is planning to launch its own insurance product.

Publication: Tech Crunch

TWiT, officially known as This Week in Tech, is suing Twitter. The audio and video media platform alleges breach of written contract, breach of oral agreement, intentional interference with prospective economic advantage and trademark infringement.

Publication: The Register

Microsoft’s extended its “Azure IP Advantage” litigation protection shield to on-premises technology, by applying it to the Azure Stack hybrid-cloud-in-a-box systems.

Publication: Business Insider

Tivo Corp has again accused cable operator Comcast Corp of using its patented interactive programming technology without authorization, the latest salvo in the companies' long-running royalty dispute.

Publication: Techcrunch

Patents may sometimes get a bad rap for how they are abused (and misused) by some companies for commercial gain, but they also remain a marker of how a tech company is progressing with its R&D and pushing ahead on innovation.

Publication: Techradar

After launching the eyebrow-raising Amazon Echo Look camera, which took photos of a user before offering fashion advice, a new patent has been uncovered which shows Amazon considering a similar concept within a smart, mixed-reality mirror.

Publication: BBC News

Spotify has been hit with a lawsuit that accuses the streaming service of infringing the rights of songwriters and publishers. Wixen Music Publishing is seeking damages of at least $1.6bn (£1.2bn) - $150,000 for more than 10,000 songs.

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

A child development expert has opposed an attempt by Disney and Pixar to have a court dismiss a copyright case that she filed against the companies. Denise Daniels alleged that her idea for a children’s TV programme called “The Moodsters” was copied in the 2015 animation film “Inside Out”.

Publication: Screen Daily

3D tech specialist RealD has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Germany against companies Volfoni and CinemaNext. The complaint filed to the District Court (Landgericht) in Düsseldorf, RealD allege that Volfoni SAS, Volfoni GmbH and CinemaNext Deutschland Gmbh have infringed three of the company’s European patents by sellling or preparing to sell the Volfoni SmartCrystal Diamond cinema systems in Germany.

Publication: Finance Feeds

California Northern District Court has dismissed TIBCO Software’s claims for breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing and copyright infringement against GAIN Capital.

Publication: Bitcoin

During the first week of December, the second largest bank in the U.S., Bank of America (BOA), was awarded a cryptocurrency exchange patent. The BOA cryptocurrency trading platform’s concept summary outlines three types of accounts where users and businesses can swap digital assets instantly.

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

A US judge has refused to dismiss a copyright and trademark infringement case brought against David Gerrold, a Star Trek writer, by the estate of late children’s author Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known by his pseudonym Dr Seuss.

Publication: coindesk

A new patent application from U.S. electronics giant Apple points to the potential use of blockchain within a prospective system for creating and verifying timestamps.

Publication: The Register

Despite having conclusively won two tribunals and been publicly supported by the International Labour Organization (ILO) demanding his immediate reinstatement, Patent judge Patrick Corcoran was refused entry to the European Patent Office's (EPO) headquarters.

Publication: Chron

Energy Intelligence Group, the publisher of 15 newsletters for the oil and gas industry, has sued more than a dozen energy companies and investment houses in Houston for violating federal copyright law by buying a handful of subscriptions of its pricey publications and passing them around the office to non-subscribers.

Publication: The Verge

One of the big worries about delivery drones is what happens if something goes wrong mid-delivery, Amazon don't want people’s parcels (or the drones carrying them) falling from the sky, causing damage and injury. Amazon are looking to design a safe way for them to fall if ti was to happen. The patent describes how an onboard “fragmentation controller” would take charge in the event of a catastrophic failure, like a battery exploding or propellor failing.granted a patent for the “direct fragmentation for unmanned airborne vehicles.” In other words: a drone that takes itself apart midair if something goes wrong.

Publication: Digital Trends

Chromebooks could eventually sport a lid that automatically opens and closes with the touch of a finger. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a patent last week filed by Google which it could even detect the position of the users face to automatically adjust the lid/screen for the optimal viewing position. 

Publication: The Spirits Business

SPI Group has achieved a “significant legal victory” against a state-run Russian company over the continuous battle for the Stolichnaya vodka trademark in Australia and the US.

Publication: Trusted Reviews

A foldable iPhone could be in the works as the US Patent & Trademark Office has published a patent filed by Apple showing designs for a folding display.

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

In February this year, the US’s highest court ruled in Life Technologies v Promega that supplying a single component of a multi-component invention for manufacture abroad does not constitute patent infringement.

Publication: Digital Trends

Apple has been embroiled in another patent dispute, this time with the software company "Aqua Connect", which claims that it was the original inventor of remote desktop functionality for Macs. The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has announced that it is investigating the matter.

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

The US District Court for the Western District of Louisiana has ordered that a case between Dunkin’ Donuts and a franchisee be dismissed after a settlement was reached.

Publication: VRFocus

We’ve known for some time that electronics company LG have been working with Valve on a new VR headset. A recent Trademark application revealed the name of the device as the LG UltraGear VR. Now a patent application has shown what the final design will look like.

Publication: Complete Music Update

Web-blocking, a preferred anti-piracy tactic of the music and movie industries in numerous countries, might be about to become a thing in the US following a landmark ruling in a copyright dispute with Sci-Hub, the website sometimes dubbed the “Pirate Bay of science”.

Publication: BBC News

The world's most profitable firm has a secretive new structure that would enable it to continue avoiding billions in taxes.

Publication: Thomson Reuters

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to step back into the years-long feud over patents between the world’s top smartphone makers, declining to hear Samsung’s (005930.KS) appeal of a lower court ruling that reinstated a jury award of about $120 million in favor of Apple (AAPL.O).

Publication: BBC News

Profits at BT dipped in the second quarter partly due to higher payments for sports rights and a slowdown in its global corporate services division.

Publication: Complete Music Update

According to law firm RPC, the three leading claimants in the High Court in the year up to 31 Mar 2017 were all in the business of copyright.

Publication: Business Lives

The draft intellectual property policy of the Department of Trade and Industry has been subjected to much debate between those seeking to preserve the status quo and those in favour of an overhaul.

Publication: IP Watchdog

When it comes to intellectual property in Hollywood, you only have to take a look at the long list of credits at the end of a TV show or movie to get a hint of the army of people involved in making it.

Publication: Business Insider

The number of trademarks registered by financial services companies hit a record-high of 4,228 in 2016, according to professional services firm RPC. Financial trademarks have risen by 35% over the last five years, figures from the Intellectual Property Office show.

Publication: Lexology

Online infringement takes many forms, from the sale of counterfeit or infringing products via the internet, to copying another business' website. In this podcast, George Sevier provides some hints and tips as to what you can do if your rights are being infringed on the internet.

Publication: Complete Music Update

Mixtape sharing app Spinrilla has requested that the copyright infringement lawsuit filed against it by the US record industry be dismissed. The request has been made on the basis that the major record companies failed to hand over crucial data relating to the allegedly infringing tracks at the heart of the case. 

Publication: Arstechnica

A patent-holding company called VirnetX has won a massive patent case against Apple, for the third time. Today, it became clear just how big the win was.

Publication: Arstechnica

The Supreme Court declined Monday to review a petition asserting that the term "google" has become too generic and therefore unqualified for trademark protection.

Publication: BBC News

US banking giant Wells Fargo is still being haunted by its actions in the run up to 2008 financial crisis. The bank's latest results were hit by a $1bn charge to cover investigations into its mortgage underwriting practices before the crisis.

Publication: The Guardian

A civil war is brewing in the normally convivial craft beer fraternity, as anxiety grows about the threat posed by multinational companies’ insatiable thirst for every last drop of the market.

Publication: The Times

Velcro Companies released a music video, the aim of which was not to advertise its products, but its trademark. In the video a group of lawyers sing: “We’re asking you not to say a name we took 60 plus years to build.

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

A Korean band have granted copyright to Coldplay and The Chainsmokers, a DJ production duo, after criticism that the band’s “Don’t Wanna Cry” song is too similar to a track made by the parties.

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

Shaving company Gillette has sued rival Edgewell Personal Care for the second time in just over one year. A press release from Gillette said that the claim challenged Edgewell’s Hydro Connect 5 razor cartridges, which are sold online and positioned as compatible with Gillette Fusion handles.

Publication: Techradar

A new patent from LG suggests the company has developed a new means of alleviating VR's 'screen door effect', which is where the gaps between a display's pixels are visible from within the headset.

Publication: Metro

In the midst of snooping around her trademark applications, her fans have noticed something else too, Rihanna has reportedly filed a trademark application for something called Fenty Estates Wine and Spirit Company.


Publication: BBC News

Uber will not be issued a new private hire licence. TfL concluded the ride-hailing app firm was not fit and proper to hold a London private hire operator licence. Uber's current licence is due to run until 30 September. It has 21 days to appeal against TfL's decision and can continue to operate while any appeals are ongoing.

Publication: The Guardian

New Order have reached an undisclosed settlement with their former bassist Peter Hook, bringing an end to the long legal feud – if perhaps not the antipathy – between the two parties. The disputes were based upon Hook’s use of various New Order and Joy Division assets on merchandising and in the promotion of shows by his new band, and the amount of money he receives from the use of the name New Order by his former colleagues since 2011. Intangible Business were his expert.

Publication: Thomson Reuters

HELSINKI (Reuters) - Nokia (NOKIA.HE) will start to book additional revenue from the current quarter after a ruling by an arbitration court on payments from South Korea’s LG Electronics (066570.KS) for using its smartphone patents.

Publication: The Drive

Toyota's planned revival of a "three brothers" sports car lineup may finally come to pass. The three tiers originally included the Celica, the MR2 and the Supra. The Toyota Celica has been absent from global markets, however, since the seventh generation T230 platform went out of production in 2006, ending a 36-year-long run. 

Publication: Financial Times

WeWork, which was valued at about $20bn in July after its latest funding round, is seeking to block UrWork from using or registering its company name as a trademark in the US, arguing the name is “deceptively similar” to WeWork’s and will confuse clients into believing the two are affiliated.

Publication: The Hollywood Reporter

Five animators and VFX specialists who created some visual elements for the cult “Nazis on the Moon” film Iron Sky, have filed suit against the film's producers, claiming copyright infringement of their work.

Publication: Forbes

In leading your company's marketing efforts, you oversee data collection and assessment that includes information about customers and prospects. You may share intellectual property through email and cloud storage platforms. Although you need to openly transmit and use this data, transmitting and storing it may be a risk.

Publication: Economic Times

More domestic and foreign startups will now be able to access the fast-track mechanism for filing patents, which will drastically cut down the time taken to obtain these rights. 

Publication: Drinks Business

London law firm RPC has revealed that the number of trademark registrations for beer in the UK has risen by the highest level since 2007, a development the company states is due to the ‘craft beer revolution’.

Publication: Financial Times

Imagine that you are the founder of a small biotech company. You have spent millions of dollars and years of time developing a new diagnostic test for a blood disease. If you are a researcher in the US, you may very well not get a patent for your game changing discovery, because recent shifts in the system mean that your invention is no longer protected.

Publication: Quartz Media

The US trademark court office denied the US cereal brand’s appeal last week, capping their two-year campaign to claim the color yellow. 

Publication: sdx central

Patent licensing firm Aqua Licensing is selling 6,069 patents and 734 patent applications that it purchased from Nokia. Many of the patents were developed by Alcatel-Lucent prior to Nokia’s $17.1 billion acquisition of that company in 2015. 

Publication: Techradfar

Apple Pencil could one day expand to other devices, including future iterations of the iPhone, according to Patently Apple. The patent, describing a technique for "Noise Correction for a Stylus Touch Device," specifically says both a tablet and smartphone could make use of the tech. 

Publication: City A.M.

Gaming company Atari has accused KitKat's owner, Nestle, of copyright and trademark infringement and unfair competition because it used its 1970s video game Breakout without permission in a KitKat marketing campaign.

Publication: Retail Dive

Costco was ordered to pay at least $19.4 million in damages to Tiffany & Co. August 14 over a diamond ring trademark infringement. 

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

US President Donald Trump has a lost a trademark tussle against the maker of an app designed to teach people how to play the trumpet.

Publication: Telegraph

Nintendo is being sued for copying elements of its Nintendo Switch console, allegedly infringing patents held by Gamevice.

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has rejected the registration of the trademark ‘First Tuesday’, applied for by North Carolina Lottery.

Publication: Finance Feeds

Trading Technologies International, Inc, a developer of trading platforms for derivatives professionals in the electronic trading industry, has filed a trademark infringement case against Vela Trading Technologies LLC at the Illinois Northern District Court.

Publication: BBC Scotland

The National Trust for Scotland has been accused of bullying a small Aberdeenshire clothing business in a trademark dispute.

Publication: Financial Times

At the heart of making the internet of things a reality for millions of consumers worldwide, including across Europe, is the question of just how companies — both large and small — have access to standard essential patents (SEPs) on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.

Publication: Triangle Business Journal

Durham LED maker Cree has reached a settlement in a patent infringement lawsuit it filed in November against a flashlight company.

Publication: Law Newz

Model and reality star Kim Kardashian is being sued for copyright infringement over a logo she is using for her new cosmetics line, KKW Beauty.

Publication: Musically

Facebook is stepping up its efforts to tackle the issue of copyrighted videos being uploaded to the social network without permission from their rights-holders.

Publication: Digital Trends

Spotify faces another couple lawsuits. Back in May, the wildly popular music platform settled a $200 million class-action lawsuit from songwriters for $43 million, but the company is far from out of the woods. Two new lawsuits were launched earlier this week in Nashville, Tennessee, and they could certainly put a wrinkle in Spotify’s plans to IPO this year.

Publication: The Register

The freeze on long-held plans to approve a single patent court for Europe is a result of the actions of the president of the European Patent Office. The Unitary Patent Court (UPC) has been in progress since 2012, but last month Germany's constitutional court unexpectedly ordered a halt to legislation ratifying it. The German government's approval is essential for the court to move forward.

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

Chewing gum company Wrigley has filed a trademark and trade dress complaint against a company that sells liquid for e-cigarettes.

Publication: The Register

Nokia may be a spent force in smartphones since selling its devices business to Microsoft, but it still aims to be the power behind the throne of other vendors via its technology licensing programme.

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

Philip Morris has been ordered to pay the Australian government after losing a lawsuit against it. The order, handed down by the Permanent Court of Arbitration, an intergovernmental organisation, redacted the sum from its decision.

Publication: Bloomberg

When the iPhone supplier Imagination Technologies Group Plc announced in April that Apple Inc. would no longer be using its graphics technology, investors in the small U.K. company were shocked. The graphics provider’s stock collapsed more than 60 percent.

Publication: Bloomberg

There are lots of patents floating around that don’t represent bona fide inventions. The office that evaluates patent applications is overwhelmed, and doesn’t really have a mechanism to conclusively reject low-quality applications. As a result, clever and persistent lawyers can wrangle patents for long-established technologies like GPS tracking and scanning and emailing documents, without adding innovative ideas.

Publication: Reuters

Telecoms network equipment maker Nokia and Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Technology have signed a patent licensing agreement. The companies did not provide financial details of the agreement, saying it includes a cross license to each company's cellular standard patents.

Publication: The Industry Observer

As legislators mull over updates to the EU Copyright Directive, UK Music Chairman Andy Heath warned Europeans could be in for an era of “cultural barbarism,” surely a buzzphrase which begs to bounce around the industry for the foreseeable future.

Publication: Forbes

Amazon has been ramping up its use of latest technology, with a service that tells you what to wear and a product that could let you do a virtual drop-in on your friends unannounced. The patent could, of course, never result in any implemented tech, but appears to allow Amazon to monitor its stores' visitors' smartphone usage via WiFi.

Publication: The Guardian

The company has filed for a patent for “multi-level fulfillment centers” that would accommodate the landing and takeoff of drones in dense urban settings, the latest example of Amazon’s futuristic vision of reshaping the way people receive packages.

Publication: Business Insider

Amazon has applied to patent a multi-level beehive-like tower that would deploy and receive delivery drones.

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

The American Chemical Society’s (ACS) exam board has sued an online study help site for copyright violations, alleging “widescale and systemic infringement”.

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has affirmed the USPTO’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s (PTAB) decision in a dispute over a method of waterproofing leather.

Publication: BBC News

The Pirate Bay can be held liable for copyright infringement, which could signal "the end" of the platform, according to a European Court of Justice ruling.

Publication: Independant

President Donald Trump is on the brink of adding six new trademarks to his growing Chinese portfolio. The new trademarks will be in sectors as diverse as veterinary services and construction, the New York Times reported, potentially sparking fresh concerns about possible conflicts of interest.

Publication: Reuters

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed on 12,06,2017 to decide whether a federal administrative process frequently used by technology companies to ward off patent infringement lawsuits violates the constitutional rights of patent owners.

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has affirmed the invalidation of a patent for delivering audio and visual files to a wireless device, handing a win to Playboy Enterprises and IT company MindGeek. 

Publication: The Drum

The fictional drama within the comedy is not unlike many tech industry lawsuits in real life, including a 2014 case from the SEO industry that dragged on for more than three years and is still in limbo.

Publication: PYMNTS

Expensify has filed a lawsuit against its T&E competitor Abacus Labs alleging patent infringement.

Publication: Forbes

Spotify pulled out of a legal battle, settling a class action copyright lawsuit that has been hounding the streaming service since December 2015. The $43.4 million settlement comes after a year-and-a-half-long legal battle, which began when musician David Lowery filed a $200 ml class action accusing Spotify of knowingly distributing copyrighted songs without paying for mechanical licenses.

Publication: Market Watch

Shares of TiVo Corp. TIVO, +8.54% were up more than 10% early on Tuesday after winning a patent case against Comcast Corp. 

Publication: Camera Jabber

The US International Trade Commission has begun a patent infringement investigation into Nikon digital cameras, software & components. The investigation stems from a countersuit filed by Carl Zeiss and ASML, which the pair filed earlier this year in response to a lawsuit filed against them by Nikon.

Publication: The Street

The U.S. International Trade Commission will launch an investigation into Fujifilm magnetic tape cartridge and component imports following a patent infringement complaint by Sony. Sony alleges the magnetic tap cartridge uses technology lifted from Sony products without a license.

Publication: The Register

Apple is trying to kill off an attempt by Smartflash to reverse a patents panel's ruling and thereby force Cupertino to hand it $533m in a Federal Circuit dispute.

Publication: Business Insider

Wikipedia is taking on the Australian government in a campaign calling for copyright law reform. The site argues that, under current laws, most Australians "break the law every day".

Publication: Ars Technica

Google doesn’t lose trademark even if it is a generic term for searching the Web. Google defeated a "genericide" lawsuit Tuesday that claimed Google should no longer be trademarked because the word "google" is synonymous to the public with the term "search the Internet."

Publication: Business Weekly

Cambridge biotherapeutics business Avacta Group has won a key patent approval in China to further strengthen its position in Asia. It is a giant stride towards addressing the potentially large Chinese diagnostics and therapeutics markets.

Publication: The Inquirer

Imagination Technologies has kicked off a "dispute resolution procedure" with the world's biggest tech company Apple, after the two sides were unable to come to an agreement over licensing. 

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

Luxury jewellery business Cartier International has pre-empted legal action over its Drive de Cartier brand by filing a trademark complaint for declaratory judgment.

Publication: Rolling Stone

The Eagles are suing a hotel in Todos Santos, Mexico that bills itself as the Hotel California for trademark infringement and trying to capitalize off of the band's famous 1976 album and song. The band argues that the hotel has falsely led consumers to believe that it is associated with the Eagles and inspired

Publication: Nasdaq

Veldhoven today announced that it is filing initial legal claims against Nikon for infringement of more than 10 patents, related to a broad range of products in the fields of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, flat panel display manufacturing equipment and digital cameras.

Publication: techdirt

As the number of craft breweries in the United States has skyrocketed 5,234, a 16.2 percent increase from the year before, there has been a rise in trademark disputes. Beermakers are increasingly suing in federal courts to protect their brand names and logos.                                                                     

Publication: Financial Post

Dow Chemical Co. is in line to collect the largest patent infringement damage award in Canadian history following a courtroom victory against Nova Chemicals Corp.                                                     

Publication: UPI

A lawsuit accuses U.S. headphone maker Bose of gathering data about listening habits without permission for the company to sell to other firms that then target users with advertisements.             

Publication: Technode

China’s UCAR INC, has initiated legal action in California against former Baidu SVP Wang Jin and his startup, requesting that they cease of employment with its four former core employees at the company’s American subsidiary.                                                                                                      

Publication: Arstechnica

Apple went all-out in its patent assault on Samsung beginning in 2012, when Steve Jobs' promised "thermonuclear war" against Android became a reality. The patents used by the Cupertino device maker weren't just challenged in court, though. Various parties have challenged Apple's most important patents at the US Patent and Trademark Office.                                                              

Publication: Slator

SDL is suing Silicon Valley startup Lilt, alleging patent infringement. SDL said Lilt had violated three of its patents and “continues to interfere” with the marketing and sales of SDL products, threatening SDL’s relationships with its customers.                                                                                                

Publication: Music Business Worldwide

Three of the world’s most established collection societies – ASCAP (US); SACEM (FR) and PRS For Music (UK) – are working together to improve the future of music copyright management.             

Publication: Cosmopolitan

According to Refinery29, the duo of makeup mavens are being sued for copyright and trademark infringement after allegedly ripping off the packaging and logo of Black Moon Cosmetics for their new collection.                                                                                                                                          

Publication: Financial Times

The three year-long battle between Huawei, the Chinese phone and telecoms equipment maker, and Unwired Planet, the owner of thousands of former Ericsson patents, has taken another twist in the UK High Court.                                                                                                                                           

Publication: City A.M

Owned by private equity giant Cinven, Jersey-based CPA Global is expected to fetch bids from sovereign wealth funds and Chinese giants.                                                                                           

Publication: Metro

The Big Bang Theory has won a major copyright lawsuit that had accused the show of stealing lyrics from Sheldon Cooper’s favourite song 'Soft Kitty'.                                                                                      

Publication: Reuters

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a bid by major record labels to revive copyright infringement claims against video-sharing website Vimeo LLC for hosting content that included songs by famed bands such as the Beatles, the Jackson 5 and the Beach Boys without permission.                   

Publication: Metro

Asda has become the first supermarket to use the official Vegan Society trademark on its food, including bottles of vodka. The trademark is designed to give customers extra authenticity and assurance when buying vegan products.                                                                                                        

Publication: The Fashion Law

A trademark proceeding filed by the British luxury automaker (“Bentley Motors”) in 2015 against Manchester-based ‘Bentley clothing’. According to Bentley Motors trademark opposition, which was filed in September 2015, the goods asserted within Bentley Clothing’s trademark application were “confusingly similar” to an array of goods in which it maintained trademark rights at the time.            

Publication: Patently Apple

The US Patent & Trademark Office published a series of three patent applications all titled "Earbuds with Biometric Sensing." In Apple's patent filing they note that at least one of the biometric sensors within the earbud is configured to be pressed up against a portion of the ear known as the tragus that will allow the collection of biometric measurements.                                                                                  

Publication: Business Wire

Invensas Corporation announced they prevailed in two German patent infringement actions against Broadcom Ltd.                                                                                                                                                           

Publication: Legal Week

Dentons is set to launch a UK patent prosecution and opposition practice with the hire of a team leaving Olswang ahead of its merger with CMS and Nabarro.                                                                         

Publication: Cnet

The lawsuit began in 2014 when Sonos accused Denon of "merely copying its system" citing similarities including the lineup and naming system. A US court ruled against D&M Holdings, which had tried to get a number of patents in the case removed, and set a court date for October 2017.                                                                                                                                                       

Publication: TCT Magazine

Advanced materials science specialist, Oxford Performance Materials (OPM) has announced it has been granted a patent from the European Patent Office (EPO) for its invention on a 'Customised Implant for Bone Replacement'.                                                                                                                      

Publication: Routenote

America’s Copyright Royalty Board are currently setting the standard streaming royalty rates for the next 5 years with songwriters and labels fighting services for an increase.                                          

Publication: BBC News

China has given US President Donald Trump the chance to expand his brand, after approving dozens of applications to register the Trump trademark.                                                                                                   

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

Fashion retailer Forever 21 has sued a US-based nail spa for trademark infringement.                                

Publication: Forbes

The Big Ten Conference has filed a lawsuit against the company behind B10xB and its principal shareholder Cesar L. Rodriguez. It claims that the B10xB trademark, used as a domain name and in connection with merchandise, is infringing on The Big Ten Conference's trademarks and diluting The Big Ten Conference's brand.                                                                                                            

Publication: Appleinsider

A series of graphics generated by link text data analytics firm Periscopic, commissioned by Co.Design, has charted the last decade of patent filings by the pair of companies. Every patent filer has a single dot, which grows in correspondence with how many filings they have. A line links co-inventors of any given patent.                                                                                                                

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide and Disney Online have been sued by three US-based brothers over wristbands. The suit concerns US patent number 6,490,443, called “Communication and proximity authorisation systems”, which Disney is alleged to have infringed through the MagicBand.                                                                                                                                       

Publication: The Inquirer

A real life Mario Kart-themed attraction is facing legal action from Japanese video-game company Nintendo for alleged copyright obstructions. Tokyo-based company MariCar, as per the Japanese Times, has been accused of blatantly ripping ideas from one of Nintendo’s blockbuster game titles, “Mario Kart.”                                                                                                                                              

Publication: Wired

Alphabet's autonomous vehicle company, Waymo - formerly Google's self-driving car division - is suing Uber and its subsidiary Otto, for allegedly stealing trade secrets and infringing patents.              

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

US-based distillery Sazerac Brands has filed a trademark infringement and trade dress lawsuit against an alcohol manufacturer. The alcohol business said trade dress and trademarks for its Fireball brand of whisky had been infringed and diluted by Caribbean Distillers.

Publication: A Journal Of Musical Things

Cox Communications, a cable and internet company in Virginia, has been ordered to pay $8.4 million in legal fees to BMG Rights Management for copyright infringement. The record company sued Cox for copyright infringement because the ISP’s customers were sharing pirated content.                                                                                                                                                     

Publication: Engadget

Sony is experimenting with its own Vive-style VR tracking device, according to a patent filing from June. The document hints at a tracker working similarly to HTC's current virtual reality tech. functioning as an external projector, the device would use lights and mirrors to map the player's real world movements straight into PSVR.                                                                                                                          

Publication: The Fashion Law

Adidas has initiated a trademark opposition with automaker Tesla. The German sportswear giant initiated an opposition proceeding with the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeals Board to block the automaker from federally registering the logo for its Model 3 sedan. 

Publication: The Telegraph

It’s a legal battle that has been intense since April 2014, when Kylie Jenner applied to trademark the single name “Kylie”.                                                                                                                                    

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

US-based energy drink manufacturer Monster Energy has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against two businesses based in the country.                                                                                    

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

Antivirus software pioneer John McAfee saw his plea for an injunction against Intel fail when a US federal judge rejected the request. McAfee requested the injunction in December last year during an ongoing trademark battle between him and the technology company.                                             

Publication: The Fashion Law

Forever 21 has filed suit, accusing multiple other retailers of copying its designs. The design at argument is a pair of ‘Ikat’ printed harem, which were ‘designed by Forever 21 in-house’ and the pattern for which has been protected by a federal copyright registration since 2013.                                                                 

Publication: Financial Times

Tesco is facing new legal action over historical accounting irregularities. The British supermarket prepares to defend a separate lawsuit filed by investors who say they lost £100m in the scandal.                                                                                                                                           

Publication: ABC News

Former Beatle Paul McCartney has litigated Sony's music publishing arm to regain ownership of many of the songs he wrote with fellow Beatle John Lennon including ‘Love Me Do’ and ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’.                                                                                                                                         

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

Texas-based company Guyzar has sued Heineken for patent infringement centring on the brewing company’s website.                                                                                                                          

Publication: IPWatchdog

On November 9, 2016, Estate of Marilyn Monroe filed a lawsuit against defendant Fashion Central in the Southern District Court of New York for trademark infringement. The Estate of Marilyn Monroe is a brand development and licensing company that owns various trademark rights relating to the deceased, iconic celebrity, Marilyn Monroe.                                                                                                                                                     

Publication: Financial Times

One of Australia’s oldest wine brands, Treasury Wine Estates, has won a victory against ‘Trademark Squatters’ in China after a court revoked a mark registered using the Chinese name of its premium Penfoldsbrand.                                                                                                                                          

Publication: Artnet News

A group of artists and designers have brought a copyright infringement suit against Francesca's, a retailer of women’s clothing and accessories. Eleven artists have joined the suit, in which copyright infringement penalties and damages could total as much as $4 million.

Publication: World Intellectual Property Review

Footwear designer Deckers Outdoor Corporation has taken on retailer H&M in a patent and trade dress infringement claim centring on UGG boots.                                                                             

Publication: Reuters

A federal judge has dismissed a $10 million lawsuit accusing Justin Bieber and Usher of illegally copying parts of their song "Somebody to Love" from an identically titled song by two Virginia songwriters.                                                                                                                                  

Publication: Business Insider

Uber has patented a light to go on top of cars that can signal to customers when their ride is arriving. It labels a light bar that sits on top of Uber cars, with a colour-changing section that can be controlled by the passenger's app.