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Brand Research & Analysis

Client: Dyslexia Action


Dyslexia Action is the UK's major dyslexia organisation for dyslexia assessment, tuition and teacher training. Intangible Business was asked to carry out research and analysis to determine the perceptions of key stakeholders and provide insight to assist the development of the Dyslexia Action brand, products and services.


Following a stakeholder assessment review, teachers were identified as the key stakeholder group to approach for research. Teachers, particularly special educational needs teachers, are one of the main users of Dyslexia Action's products and services and are a key link and source of referrals for other customer groups such as parents and pupils. A representative sample of teachers was identified and subsequently approached.

Armed with a thorough knowledge of the highly competitive and complex educational market, Intangible Business carried out a series of face to face and telephone-based in-depth interviews with teachers to determine their views of the market, Dyslexia Action and other providers. Information gathered from the qualitative research was bolstered by additional desk research on the market and a review of internal measures within the organisation itself. All this was carried out within a competitive context. The findings from the research were collated and analysed, highlighting key insight on how the Dyslexia Action brand and organisation were perceived by different stakeholder groups and what it could do to increase its competitive advantage and better serve the needs of its market.


Intangible Business presented these findings to Dyslexia Action along with a series of clear recommendations of how the brand, products and services could be improved. Dyslexia Action is now developing its business and programme in line with our recommendations.