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Value of Co-ownership Rights

Client: MCR


MCR asked Intangible Business to consider the value of Partridge Fine Arts Limited’s co-ownership rights of the Antiquax trademark for disposal following Partridge Fine Art Limited entering administration. Antiquax is a fine furniture polish originally formulated in the early part of last century.  The brand is currently used on a substantial range of care products for metal, glass, marble & stone, upholstery and wood.


It was clear at the outset that the market value of the shared ownership rights of the Antiquax trademark would not be significant so a top-level review and short valuation opinion letter was determined as the most cost effective approach.

Intangible Business’s analysis of the significant heritage of the Antiquax brand, its historic performance and market dynamics revealed that despite generating a steady income stream, the brand was poorly distributed and had not received any marketing investment for a number of years. No doubt the lack of brand investment was due to the shared ownership structure whereby the brand was peripheral to Partridge Fine Arts Limited’s core business.  Intangible Business considered that with updated packaging, an improved distribution strategy and a modicum of marketing investment the brand had scope that could be profitability exploited by an astute acquirer. Clearly the amount of investment required to reinvigorate the Antiquax brand depressed its current market value.


Intangible Business quickly provided MCR with a valuation opinion letter than enabled the administrator to negotiate the best possible outcome for creditors when selling Partridge Fine Arts Limited’s share of the Antiquax trademark to a prospective purchaser.