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Experts in business and intangible asset valuation

Commercial Services Overview

Financing intangible assets, such as customers and brands, are often a key consideration for mergers & acquisitions. Understanding such value, prior to an acquisition or sale assists in fair value negotiations. It can also identify potential opportunities within a company's portfolio or in the wider market which can be leveraged to generate higher returns.

Cash flows are often linked to the strength of a brand or customer base. Intangible Business carries out brand health assessments to track brand equity, constantly monitoring the health of the brand and business. During mergers & acquisitions, intangible assets can often be critical to securing access to cash flows. Intangible Business helps identify the intangible assets, and connected assets, to be securitised and placed in a special purpose vehicle (SPV) in order for them to be separable if the business falls into distress. A selection of services Intangible Business provides include:

Brand value and other intangible asset values account for an increasing amount of corporate value

Intangible Business's unique approach is bolstered by employees who are qualified accountants, marketers and valuers and therefore understand the nuances of each discipline. Intangible Business is experienced in valuing intellectual property for compliance with financial reporting standards and has worked across all sectors.


Hamish A. Moore

Vice President - Japan Tobacco International (JTI)
"The Regional Brands group of Japan Tobacco International (JTI) needed to develop a comprehensive dynamic brand planning tool and document that positioned the relevance of the group's 52 regional brands in the context of the whole group as well as within a global competitive context. This required a unique combination of knowledge and skills in terms of commercial operational capability, marketing and financial as well as the ability to communicate issues powerfully and with real clarity. Intangible Business delivered beyond expectations, taking the best of internal views and expert knowledge and overlaying this with real insight and perspective displaying a capability to think outside the box yet stay on track to deliver the brief. Additionally, as Brand Group GM at that time, I would also like to compliment Intangible Business, Stuart Whitwell, and his team on their commitment, strategic insight and industry in completing a very stretching task in a timely and professional manner."