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Insolvency and Administration

Intangible Business supports Insolvency Practitioners in providing the best possible outcome to all stakeholders. Our services range from providing an initial opinion on any Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) that may have a realisable material value to comprehensive valuations supporting transactions.

When supporting a pre-pack administration, an accurate valuation of the intangible assets ensures that the value recovered for creditors is maximised while providing assurance that the pre-pack process has been carried out correctly in compliance with SIP16 and any additional obligations required by creditors. In contrast, it is important to evaluate the forward position of the potential acquirer in order to avoid the revived business being saddled with unaffordable repayment obligations as a result of over-valuation that may ultimately result in business failure.

As specialists in intangible assets, Intangible Business is able to dispose of and maximise the value recovered from IPRs and IPR-driven businesses by identifying potential acquirers and clearly explaining the commercial potential of the IPRs. Whilst it is important to dispose of IPRs quickly and efficiently, it may not always be necessary or appropriate to take the same ‘fire sale’ approach employed for plants, property and machinery whose values in distressed situations tend to be discounted due to timelines and associated costs. Given the relatively low maintenance costs and limited value erosion associated with many IPRs, a patient and measured approach to the disposal of the IPR may ultimately be the most rewarding tactic.

Intangible Business consultants are members of the TMA (Turnaround Management Association) and R3 (Association of Business Recovery Professionals).