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International Asset Based Lending

Lending on intangible assets is a relatively new concept. There is a growing trend in the US for banks to lend against secured intangible assets, such as brands, and this trend is gradually filtering into Europe. Intangible Business provides services to enable banks to lend more money to business with strong intangible assets, such as brands. This presents the biggest opportunity in the bank lending market as all other asset categories are nearly at saturation level.

Intangible Business identifies the intangible assets that are critical to guarantee cash flows and bundles them up in a separate legal structure. In this way, banks can secure access to the intangible assets if loans are defaulted upon and the brand can be managed separately - constantly monitoring its health.

Intangible Business also values the brands, looking at the market for potential new buyers should the bank need to liquidate its assets - the saleability in event of default/distress. The concluding brand value is the value of the brand in a distress situation. Accompanying this is a strategy for realising this value through a variety of strategic options.