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Business Valuations

Business valuations are carried out by Intangible Business, ranging from those small and privately owned to those of major companies owned by institutions. Intangible Business's business valuations also cover businesses operating in markets around the world.

When valuing businesses it is important to understand the underlying reasons, which make a business valuation different either in amount or the underlying analysis. So a business valuation needed for a transaction will need to be justified to the buyer, and will need to take account of their circumstances. Some aspects relating to such a business valuation can be dealt with by contract, for example dependence on a key individual can be separately covered in an employment contract. On the other hand a business valuation for a dispute may need to be on the basis of some assumptions which are subject to dispute, such as certain relevant facts. In this context, if the business valuation is to be used as expert evidence then it will also need to be presented in a form acceptable to the Court or other Tribunal in which it will be used.

A business valuation commences by analysing the future growth of the market the business operates in, market share and profit margins. Economic analyses of business valuation are then developed based on anticipated income, market transactions and underlying net assets. Intangible Business is a leader in valuing businesses because we have a commercial, pragmatic and market driven approach. We also have a deep understanding of brand and intangible value, a critical area for many business valuations.

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