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Selling Businesses with IP

More often than not, businesses are comprised of both tangible and intangible assets. With its in-depth knowledge of how the relationship between tangible and intangible assets affects business value, Intangible Business is well placed to acquire or dispose of businesses with intellectual property attached.

The process is similar to selling a business without intellectual property, or intellectual property with attached businesses or liabilities. The assets need to be identified and their value explained. The IP requires special consideration to ensure it is adequately protected, communicated, valued and understood by potential buyers. IP’s contribution to the business is a critical part of the sale processes – without the IP the business value can often be significantly reduced.

The market the business and IP operates in needs to be fully evaluated to reveal a broad range of potential buyers. With its international presence, Intangible Business is able to target companies in different countries round the world in their local language. All potential buyers are approached in a targeted manner with a sales document highlighting key information, such as the company history, competitive landscape and positioning, business plans, market opportunity and outlining the sale process.

Intangible Business manages the entire sale process for its clients, giving them access to an experienced and qualified team with industry knowledge and contacts across a broad range of sectors, markets and countries.