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The UKs Most Valuable Retail Brands 2008

May 12, 2008

Following several years of growth, the UK retail sector is showing signs of a slow-down in 2008. Strong brands are more important than ever to differentiate companies from the competition and encourage the consumer to part with cash from their increasingly squeezed wallet. Some brands will inevitably benefit from the downfall of others. Some sectors will grow and others will shrink. But what is certain is that all involved will be affected and this will be an exciting time.

The UK’s Most Valuable Retail Brands 2008 is the definitive guide to which brands are set to weather the uncertain retail climate best. More than reflecting just sales figures, this study includes consumer sentiment towards the biggest brands on the high street, calculating the financial value of each brand in isolation. The past few years have seen several high-profile acquisitions, such as Safeway, Alliance Boots and The Early Learning Centre, and many failed attempts, such as for Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s. This report reveals the value that investors and potential buyers would place on the brand alone – a true barometer of the health and growth prospects for any business.

Intangible Business is a leading international brand valuation consultancy, dedicated to the valuation of intangible assets for management, financial or litigation purposes. 2008 is the first year of publication for The UK’s Most Valuable Retail Brands and the first time ever that the values of the biggest brands that make up the UK high street have been revealed.

PDF icon The UKs Most Valuable Retail Brands 2008 report