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IP and Business Value

Intellectual property rights are often key to business success and therefore underpin value. Intangible Business's general view is that a business valuation is better informed if it is based on an understanding of intellectual property value. Most often a bundle of connected IP rights and intangible assets, which may be defined as a brand, is deployed in the market place and becomes a key driver of valuing a business.

Reconciliation and analysis of value can be further informed by valuing intangible assets and considering issues arising when comparing the value of the business as a whole with the sum of the values of its parts, such as:

  • Value destruction or enhancement through combination (2+2 = 3½ or 2+2 = 5).
  • Synergies to investors.
  • Value in alternative use to investors.
  • A strategic premium to an investor.
  • Forced sale or insolvency circumstances.

Understanding how the business model works and the interaction of the assets deployed with value is likely to be specific for each business, as well as the IP it uses, and will identify key drivers of value. Intellectual property is often an component of business value and can be specifically sold, transferred or licensed.

Support to legal services

If IP and business value is at stake, it will be a significant issue. Intangible Business is experienced in providing expert independent IP and business valuation services for business management, owners, and their legal and other advisers in particular for: dispute resolution; corporate deals; intellectual property management; and supporting other legal services.

Example Cases