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Regulatory Disputes

Businesses operate in complex and extensive regulatory environments. Regulation is both national and international and covers a wide range of business activities.

Powerful brands and intellectual property (IP) are designed to provide competitive advantage to the IP owner. They are deployed in markets which are normally regulated to recognise the legitimate ownership value of such assets whilst maintaining the wider public interest in fair competition.

Intangible Business’s focus on, and experience of, advising on powerful and valuable brands and IP, make it well placed to assist on issues relevant to resolving regulatory disputes.

In particular, budget deficits have resulted in increased pressure from governments to increase tax revenues, by challenging tax avoidance schemes and international transfer pricing structures. Also, legislation and policy initiatives can also damage businesses, resulting in a loss of brand equity and diminution in the value of intellectual property.

Intangible Business’s team of qualified accountants, marketers and valuers have experience in a variety of industries, and provide an objective thorough and constructive approach to dealing with regulatory disputes.

Intangible Business has advised on issues for many regulatory matters and disputes such as:

  • Post-acquisition asset values, operational due diligence and within competition firewalls following major business mergers.
  • Advising on losses incurred through the operation of cartels.
  • Corporate entities facing loss of brand equity from proposed regulatory controls.
  • Multinational and national corporations on international transfer pricing structures
  • Corporate entities that were in dispute with tax authorities following the restructuring of IP ownership between group entities.

Intangible Business has also acted as an expert witness in the High Court and other tribunals for dispute resolution on many issues (both for liability and quantum) based on its focus on brand and IP valuation.