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Valuing mining assets for dispute resolution

This issue has been authored by Paul Cliff from Intangible Business. Over the past 20 years Paul has valued numerous companies and assets in the mining and oil & gas industries globally. Paul has held senior positions in equity and commodities research at a number of global investment banks and now specialises in dispute resolution projects.

This article highlights a number of key issues in the valuation of producing, or near-producing mining assets within the context of dispute resolution.

Intangible Business has produced over 100 expert reports for assistance in dispute resolution projects across a variety of industries, with oral testimony including under cross-examination on many occasions.

  • Selecting an appropiate valuation method
  • Commodity price assumptions
  • Modelling mine life
  • Dealing with cyclicality
  • Interdependence of assumptions
  • Discount rates
  • Collaborating with other experts
  • Recognise alternative assumptions
Contributor: Paul Cliff
Publication: Intangible Business