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The World's Most Valuable Mobile Telecoms Brands 2008

December 10, 2008

This is the first time the values of the world’s largest mobile telecoms brands have been published. The brands of those in the top 100 are collectively worth over $300bn. This is a heavily branded industry. With mobile services frequently generic – with little to choose from between competitors – brands are generally the main differentiator. They can inspire loyalty, help reduce customer churn, increase average revenues per user (ARPU), attract new customers and encourage existing ones to trial new services and related products.

The World’s Most Valuable Mobile Telecoms Brands 2008 identifies which brands are succeeding in building value for their shareholders and which brands require additional resource and attention. 500 of the world’s biggest operators were studied to produce the top 100. The telecoms industry is highly competitive and acquisitions are common.

2009 will be a testing year for all. The economic instability and uncertainty should drive investors to seek defensive havens in businesses with safe, strong, valuable brands. This publication highlights the most valuable brands and those with the biggest opportunities, both in developed and emerging markets.

Intangible Business would like to thank the people and organisations which have contributed to the production of this report and research. Special thanks goes to Informa Telecoms & Media, Mobile Telecommunications International and representatives from MTI Consulting.

PDF icon The World's Most Valuable Mobile Telecoms Brands 2008 report