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Experts in business and intangible asset valuation

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Intangible Business is a leading independent valuation consultancy

As such, its opinion is sought by journalists and business leaders alike on topical issues covering a variety of subjects, in a variety of sectors. What follows is a selection of these published thoughts, reports and opinions.

Contributor: Thayne Forbes & Stuart Whitwell
Publication: Intangible Business

This issue paper is designed for those involved in business M&A, to illustrate a range of processes available to assess financial forecasts and

Contributor: Thayne Forbes
Publication: Intangible Business

This issue is based on experience we have gained from giving expert evidence over the last 125 years.

Contributor: Paul Cliff
Publication: Intangible Business

This issue has been authored by Paul Cliff from Intangible Business.

Contributor: Thayne Forbes, Stuart Whitwell & Paul Cliff

This issue has been co-authored by Thayne Forbes, Stuart Whitwell and Paul Cliff, from Intangible Business, based on their forensic experience gain